Advocates Solve Content Marketing Challenges

Zuberance Solves Content Marketing Challenges


Marketers have two content marketing challenges:

1. They need more engaging content

2. They need more content.

But most content being created by brands today is not compelling:


In one word, most content created by brands and agencies is crap.  Brand Advocates' content fuels SEO and social media. Advocates' content sells. Advocates' content is digital gold.

You cannot make this stuff up, even if you wanted to

You can brainstorm in meetings and draft content all day long, but the content that is going to engage your customers is the content that is created by your customers. Engagement means different things to different people. Experiment with what resonates with your customers. From experiences to reviews and stories, Zuberance gives you the tools to identify, activate and engage with your Advocates.


 Zuberance powers Rubio's Brand Advocacy, and the marketing team at Rubio's uses Advocates' stories and reviews on their website, email campaigns, and social media networks. Rubio's also uses Advocates' stories and reviews to learn more about themselves. What do your customers love? Hate? Want more of? Engaging with your Advocates is one of the best things your company can do - who else is going to be that honest about your product or service?

Overcome your content marketing challenges by identifying and engaging with your Advocates.

Please share with us, in the comments, how you're creating and curating compelling content.

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