Does Word of Mouth marketing work for B2B?

soci_ediaA question overheard: Will Word of Mouth marketing and/or Social Media work in a B2B situation?

The answer:  You bet!

One of the things B2B marketers sometimes forget is that their "target customers" are just people. Some are married, some are single, some drop their kids off at school in the morning, others go out to dinner with friends late into the night... but they are just people. And being people, they are already using social media sites for both personal and professional reasons... and of course they are asking friends and colleagues for recommendations on products and services. A bit of advice:

  • Start slowly. Whether your blogging, starting a Facebook group, or getting onTwitter... it's all about the interaction you have with others. If you start too much too quickly, things will not stay up-to-date... and your followers/readers will start to vamoose.
  • Be relevant. Don't just be self-promoting. Your readers/visitors/followers want information that matters to them, not that matters to you.
  • Remember... everyone is listening. If you are blogging or tweeting for your company, then you are the brand. Be conscious of your other updates on your personal accounts!