Each Advocate Reaches 250 Friends & Peers

ampAs most everyone knows, Social Media is like a massive amplifier for consumers. Consumers now have the ability to reach and influence thousands to millions of buyers, and that means they can build or bury your reputation and revenues. The other day we ran a little test at Zuberance to  see how much reach our employees (one of our key segments of Zuberance Advocates) have. We calculated that, on average, each Zuberance employee has the ability to directly reach 250 people they know via LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter. (Of course, they also can reach many through plain old email, text, and IM as well.)

Assuming Zuberance has 50 employees (we're a little shy of that currently), our Employee Advocates can directly reach 12,500 people they know. And of course, our employees can also reach thousands of more people including prospects via the Social Web. This calculation doesn't include the reach of other Zuberance Advocates like customers, business partners, and prospects.

Do the math yourself. If each of your Advocates (people who recommend you to others) can reach 250 friends and peers, what is the reach of your "Advocate Network?"