Engagement is the Number 1 Goal and Metric for Marketers

What’s the #1 goal and metric for social media marketing programs and campaigns? While sales and leads are still important, most marketers’  #1 goal for  social media marketing programs and campaigns is “engagement,” according to a 2013 survey of US marketing professionals by Pivot Conference, which hosts leading social business events. Note that increasing sales is ranked fifth by marketers in this survey.



Since engagement is the #1 goal, it’s no surprise that the primary metric used by marketers to measure the success of social media marketing is also engagement:


So how do marketers measure “engagement?”

1.       How many consumers shared this ad, video, story, or infographic., etc.

2.       How many posted a positive comment about this…

3.       How many liked it

Zuberance Boosts Engagement

Our Advocate marketing programs have a very positive impact on consumer engagement.

1.       We get consumers to engage with the brand by creating content like reviews and stories.

2.       We get consumers to share this content plus content provided by brands like offers, recipes, videos, ads, and more.

3.       We get consumers to like the content shared by Advocates.

Check out this review created an Advocate of Kaiser Permanente, a customer of Zuberance’s. There is no higher form of engagement than getting a real customer to take his or her own precious time to tell their story about why they recommend a brand or product.


Now that’s engagement!