From the Front Lines of Word of Mouth Marketing (Zuberance World Headquarters)

This morning, we decided to conduct a staff survey asking what the Zuberance team has recently become an Advocate of and how they initially heard about it.  Here’s what we found: -Our UC Davis marketing intern, Cara, is a big comedy fan and bought the season of the Australian “Mockumentary” series, "Summer Heights High” after watching hysterical video clips her friend posted on Facebook.

-Susan, our product manager and a mother of three, purchased the H20 Mop that sanitizes without using harsh chemicals after Zuberance marketer, Veronica, recommended it on her blog.

-Grayson, Zuberance’s lovable sales manager, saw a friend’s Facebook status update giving the new U2 album two thumbs up, then downloaded it on iTunes.

-Zuberance’s marketing consultant and food guru, Elizabeth, bought the Top Chef Cookbook on a website she landed on after clicking a link that was tweeted out by one of her foodie friends.

When people buy a new product, see a new TV show, or listen to a new album, they use Social Media to share their experiences and recommendations to friends in their social network. Trusted recommendations, like the ones you read above, turn word of mouth into sales everyday.