The Holiday Messages Customers Will Pay Attention To

A new study from Nielsen states 84% of global consumers say recommendations from "people I know." This rates higher than other sources of advertising.

Since customers trust messages from their networks versus any kind of brand messaging, do you ensure your Brand Advocates (your volunteer sales and marketing force) are recommending, reviewing and promoting your products and/or services?

4 Ways Brand Advocates Spread Holiday Cheer

Share Stories: Energize Advocates to post positive stories on their social networks and third party review sites. Rubio's Advocates enjoy sharing their personal story about the first time they had an Original Fish Taco. When Advocates share stories it generates valuable content, boosts SEO and increases sales.

Offers & Promotions: Advocates love, and don't hesitate, to share offers and promotions with their networks. Give Advocates the tools to make it easy to share holiday offers, promotions and insider information to their networks. After all, they're a trusted source for recommendations and referrals.

Reviews:  Mobilize Advocates to post positive reviews on shopping sites, their social networks and your brand's website. Positive reviews boost ratings/rankings and SEO, valuable content, and increase sales. 67% of positive reviews of a consumer electronics client on were written by Zuberance-powered Advocates.

Answers: Advocates are happy and willing to answer prospects' questions. By answer questions, Advocates generate thousands of referral leads, clicks, sales and cut customer acquisition costs. 25% of prospects who had their questions answered by a Zuberance client's Advocates purchased the product.

How are you leveraging your volunteer sales and marketing force?

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