How Much is Too Much? 3 Things to Consider When Engaging Brand Advocates

I get asked many times by customers and others how often they should be communicating with Advocates. Marketers are rightfully concerned about appearing spammy and about “wearing out their welcome,” especially with an audience as valuable as Advocates.

Here are three things to consider when engaging with Brand Advocates:

1.      First, keep in mind that these are Advocates, not average customers. Advocates are your most engaged, most loyal, and most enthusiastic customers. They crave engagement with the brands they love and recommend. They even name their kids after you (like the Rubio’s Advocate who named her daughter Ruby.) If they don’t hear from you, they wonder where the love has gone. Therefore, the rules about how often you should communicate with Advocates (vs. other customers) are very different.

2.      There is no fixed formula (like once a month) on how often you should communicate with Advocates. You should communicate with Advocates when you have something of value to communicate. That can include news about a new product; an invitation to share an offer or a piece of content with friends; a request to express themselves via a story or review; an opportunity to help a prospect by answering a question; etc. The question really is: “Is this something our Advocates would find value in?”

3.      Measure response rates and adjust accordingly. If response rates drop, take heed and adjust. Online marketing is all about measurement and testing. So is advocacy marketing.

-Rob Fuggetta, Founder/CEO, Zuberance, Author of "Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force"