Improving Customer Engagement and Increasing Content Reach

Everyone agrees that content is vital to marketing, but feeding the content beast is expensive and time consuming. On average, marketers are spending 28 to 33% of their budgets on content creation. Is content creation improving customer engagement? Improving customer engagement and increasing content reach rank high on the Most Important Objectives of Social Media Marketing Strategy according to a survey of B2B and B2C Marketing Professionals Worldwide. Source: eMarketer

Good news! Companies have a secret content marketing weapon: Brand Advocates. Brand Advocates are highly satisfied customers who recommend their favorite brands and products without being paid to do so.

42 percent of respondents cited staff limitations—not having enough personnel to create the content or drive the continuous engagement that powers social.

When companies identify and energize Brand Advocates, the content is created for them. From Advocates sharing offers to writing stories and reviews about the brand, content and word of mouth is consistently being created. 


2 out of 5 respondents said they have difficulty measuring the ROI of their social efforts.

Brand Advocates' actions are measurable by the number of reviews, stories and answers created and shared, number of offers shared, the channels Advocates are using to share, and the estimated reach and impressions.

Prospects from Brand Advocates’ actions, can be measured by the number and percentage of prospect clicks per channel, percentage of inbound clicks per share, conversion rate, number of leads and sales.


Rubio’s is known for the Original Fish Taco® and typically every guest has a story about the first time they had an Original Fish Taco®. It’s nostalgic and fun to share.


Each week, Rubio’s highlights an Original Fish Taco® story for their Facebook fans. Their fans enjoy reading others’ stories and affinity for the brand. Once a guest writes an OFT story, they are prompted to share it with their networks. 

When brands make it easy for Advocates to write reviews and share their affinity for the product or service by giving them the tools they need, Advocates become the most powerful marketing force.

7-8% say Reducing Marketing Costs is the Most Important Objective of Social Media Marketing

Advocate marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Traditional online marketing programs generate less than 1% of conversions. On average, Zuberance Advocate marketing programs deliver 10% or higher conversion rates. A company could fund an ongoing Advocate marketing program for an entire year for about the cost of two full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal.

Marketers are zeroing in on customer engagement and content reach. Social media marketing is about creating conversations and valuable word of mouth marketing.  How is your company generating content and energizing its highly satisfied customers?

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