Latest Advocacy Research Results

If you're ever in doubt of the benefits and power of earned media and word of mouth, visit us. We've compiled the latest advocacy research results that highlight what we preach.

Advocates are 7x more trusted than ads


It's no secret that recommendations and reviews fuel purchase decisions. A personal recommendation equals instant trust and credibility. TweetIcon

92% of consumers trust “recommendations from people I know.” Only 37% trust search engine ads, and just 24% trust online banner ads. (Source: Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, July 2009)

92% of consumers trust advocates 


A few of us from Zuberance dined at a new restaurant last week and asked the server for appetizer recommendations, we were considering what she recommended, until a couple next to us leaned over and recommended something else. We immediately ordered what they recommended. Why? Probably because, in the back of our minds, we trusted the consumer's opinion vs. the brand, though our server was completely delightful and was giving her personal recommendation. We initially dined at that restaurant based off of a word of mouth recommendation.

Deals and customer reviews influence buyers


You can't blame deals and discounts for taking the lead in influencing purchase decisions, but ratings, reviews and opinions come in a close second. Brands can talk about their product all day long, but at the end of the day, it's the user's opinon that matters- someone just like the consumer whose opinion hasn't been swayed.

Consumer electronics buyers prefer consumer reviews vs. professional reviews


Features and cost top advocacy topics5

Among women, mom advocates are the most active


Online reviews are critical for local businesses


Positive business reviews are gold. Do you make it easy for your brand's advocates to write and publish reviews?

Advocates share via email most frequently


How important is earned media in your marketing and business plan? Is it becoming a priority?


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