Marketo Study: Best Leads are from Advocates

A 2009 study by Marketo, Social Media and the Power of Inbound Leads, shows that Advocates are by far the best source of qualified leads. While the findings are not new, they are still compelling. About 37% of Marketo’s qualified leads came from their Advocates. This is 9X higher than paid search and more than 50X higher than online ads.

Marketo said, Any marketer looking at this conclusion will naturally ask: how can we generate more of these high quality leads?”

Zuberance can show you how to leverage your Advocates to get more referral leads.

Zuberance’s  “Advocate Referrals” solution is not a tell-a-friend tool or pay for referrals tactic. It’s a complete referral marketing solution that enables companies to systematically:

  •     Identify Advocates from among customers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, website visitors, and more;
  •     Leverage Advocates to generate referral leads by making it easy for Advocates to create and/or share compelling content and offers with their social and business networks;
  •     Track and optimize results in real-time.

How it works:

The Zuberance Advocate Platform automatically tracks which Advocates are sharing content and offers with their social networks; how many referrals have been generated; and the conversion rate for these referrals. A/B testing enables marketers to compare and analyze what offers or content being shared by Advocates are generating the most referrals. The Zuberance Advocate Platform also enables marketers to automatically re-engage Advocates to spur more sharing and referrals.


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