New Chili's Case Study on Most Successful Advocacy Program to Date

Chili's Grill & Bar has the largest and most successful brand advocacy program to date. They are tapping into the authentic enthusiasm of their best customers, mobilizing them to spread positive Word of Mouth and drive sales. Once identified, Chili's Advocates willingly created reviews, rated Chili's restaurants, and shared offers without any incentive. Chili's Advocate channel has proved to be a highly cost-effective marketing force; one that continues to grow and can be leveraged in multiple ways over time to drive sales. Download the Case Study to learn how Chili's:

  • Identified their Advocates through multiple channels
  • Mobilized Advocates to create reviews and publish to them Yelp
  • Energized Advocates to share offers with their social networks
  • Generated millions of influence impressions via the Advocate channel

Read the Word of Mouth and Brand Advocacy case study now!