New Referral Marketing Solution Leverages Brand Advocates

Referral leads are the sales and marketing lifeblood for many companies. Yet, many companies’ referral marketing programs are missing the mark. One big shortcoming: most refer-a-friend tools don’t focus on Advocates: customers and others who refer friends because they’re loyal to the brand. Instead, they rely on people motivated solely by personal gain: influencers.

Today, Zuberance is launching a new referral marketing solution that leverages Brand Advocates as a powerful referral marketing force. By tapping into authentic Advocates, Zuberance delivers brands thousands of qualified referral leads, enabling marketers to fill the sales funnel with prospects referred by trusted Advocates.

Advocate Referrals Press Release

Most importantly, Zuberance’s approach enables brands to mobilize their Advocate Army in other ways like:

  • Creating highly positive product and service reviews
  •  Telling your brand story
  • Answering prospects’ questions

…and more

Recently, TiVo leveraged Zuberance’s Advocate Referrals solution for a highly successful referral marketing campaign to promote TiVo’s highly acclaimed new TiVo Roamio® DVR.

In only 30 days, TiVo:

  • Engaged over 50,000 Advocates (many of these Advocates had previously recommended TiVo in other ways)
  • Generated more than 100,000 referrals and responses
  • Reached over 10 million prospects on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels

Learn more about TiVo's success and Zuberance's new Advocate Referrals solution on Feburary 5:

Referral Marketing Webinar
Referral Marketing Webinar