Making Social Media Work in B2B #SocialMediaROI

In the first installment of the Social Media ROI Webinar Series, host David Spark (@dspark) leads a high-level discussion about leveraging the power of social media to achieve B2B marketing objectives.

  • First, Paul Dunay (@pauldunay), Global Managing Director of Services and Social Marketing for Avaya, outlines how the enterprise communications giant streamlined and fortified its approach to social media -- and how it has been able to quantify the ROI.
  • Next, CDW's Sr. Segment Marketing Manager, Lauren McCadney (@LMcCadney), shares the online retailer's strategic approach to tapping social media networks to drive sales, build its brand, provide responsive customer service, and authentically engage with important customers.
  • Finally, Rob Fuggetta (@RobFugetta), Founder and CEO of Zuberance (@zuberance), offers three essential tips for B2B marketers looking to use social media to identify and activate their brand advocates.

The show also features questions from the Social Media ROI Webinar Series live audience.

Show is just under an hour. You can listen and watch the synced Slidecast below, stream the audio, or download the show to listen later. To make sure you don't miss a single episode of the Social Media ROI Series in the future, please subscribe to our podcast.

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