This Week in Social Media: Facebook Announces Graph, Instagram Updates Users on Privacy, and New Myspace launches

Zuckerberg, Graph Announcement

Privacy and Terms of Service Changes on Instagram – Instagram Blog

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in September 2012,  to ensure you understand that you still have control over who sees  your photos, click to read the new Privacy Policy, effective on January 19, 2013.

Facebook Unveils a Smarter Search Engine – Mashable

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced improvements to graph search – the ability to search within your social graph on Facebook for specifics. To join the Beta waiting list and to try a search, visit

New Myspace Opens to Public, Riding Timberlake's CoattailsMashable features Justin Timberlake and his new “Suite and Tie” single.  The New Myspace has left invite-only mode, with a focus on music. To easily navigate the new social network, click New Myspace: 8 Essential Tips and TricksMashable.

10 Hilarious Instagram Accounts You Need to FollowMashable

Instagram is our visual outlet, from photos of dinner and pets, to shoes and beer – it’s time for some comedic relief. My favorite from this list is, @Satiregram, referring to themselves as “The epitome of a typical Instagram user.”


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Source: @Satiregram Instagram Profile