The Ultimate Question

GFK Blog pic“What brands are you highly likely to recommend?” That’s the question Rob Fuggetta, our CEO, asked all his employees this week.  The result?  An average list of 10 brands from each employee and a good glimpse into the interests of our co-workers.  For instance, I never knew that Grayson raves about his Blackberry to his colleagues or that Cara tells all her friends about the deals she finds at Forever 21.

So what did this exercise teach us? While GfK Roper cites that each person on average advocates 3-5 brands, Zuberance employees recommended an average of 10.  Our team is passionate about Word of Mouth and helping brands to identify, track and mobilize people just like Cara and Grayson.

Companies that ask their audience the Ultimate Question can begin to harness Word of Mouth to drive sales now.   Do you know who is recommending your brands and products?