Free Webinar: Top 5 Ways to Combat Negative Word of Mouth

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In the Social Media Age, where a handful of bad Tweets can taint your brand, no company is immune from online brand critics.

Negative Word of Mouth can kill your company's hard-earned reputation and revenues. Here are some recent examples:

  • A handful of vocal critics have created a PR nightmare for P&G's Pampers Dry Max diapers, the company's largest diaper launch in 25 years
  • Domino's Pizza sales took a hit after an infamous YouTube video of a couple employees' gross-out food preparation behavior
  • Nestlé is under attack because palm oil, a key ingredient in many of its products including Kit Kat candy bars, is produced from the destroyed rainforest homes of the last orangutans in Indonesia

How can you avoid becoming Social Media Roadkill? In this free social media webinar sponsored by Zuberance, you'll learn:

  • How to defend yourself from online brand critics
  • How to leverage your Brand Advocates to combat negative Word of Mouth
  • When to fight back, and when to sashay away

Special Guest: Travis Murdock, VP Edelman As a vice president at Edelman, Travis Murdock provides accounts with strategic counsel, drives media and industry analyst relations programs and is responsible for overall account management. He has 14 years of public relations experience working for several high-tech start-up companies in the advertising, marketing, security, Internet, enterprise and desktop utilities sectors.

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