Whitepaper: What's a Brand Advocate Worth?

Download: What's a Brand Advocate Worth?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how much a Facebook fan is worth, with estimates ranging from zero to $137. Forrester points out that Facebook fans have no intrinsic value unless they do something to provide business value to the company. “It is what companies do with fans that create value, not merely that a brand has fans,” says Forrester’s Augie Ray.

While people may question the value of a Facebook fan, there is little debate that Brand Advocates have real business value. But what exactly is a Brand Advocate worth? Our latest whitepaper addresses this question, stating that Brand Advocates are worth at least 5x more than average customers.


1. Brand Advocates spend at least twice as much as average customers. 2. Unlike average customers, Brand Advocates go out of their way to recommend their favorite brands and products. These recommendations drive sales. 3. We estimate that the value of this advocacy means that Advocates are worth an additional 3X more than average customers.

In "What's a Brand Advocate Worth?" you will find:

  • A in-depth explanation as to why Brand Advocates are worth 5x more than average customers
  • Examples of the value of Brand Advocates from three product categories
  • Zuberance Brand Advocate Value Calculator: a formula for calculating the value of your company’s Brand Advocates

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