When Will They Learn? Celeb Boutique's Horrendous Tweet Causes Outrage in Twitterverse

Celeb Boutique, an online fashion retailer, recently created one of the most insensitive tweets in all of Twitter history. In response to the devastating movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado last Friday, #Aurora was trending on Twitter. The Twitterverse was filled with disbelief, sorrow, and prayers for the victims and families affected. Celeb Boutique saw that #Aurora was trending and attempted to gain some exposure with the tweet below:

Of course this tweet was followed by utter outrage from Twitter users:


Celeb Boutique responded with the following series of tweets:




Celeb Boutique's excuse for their horrendous tweet shows their lack of social media skills. Including a hashtag in a promotional tweet without researching the trending topic is just plain lazy and irresponsible. You would think companies would have taken note after the infamous Kenneth Cole Twitter blunder in February 2011 when the brand decided to piggyback on #Cairo trending.

KEY TAKEAWAY FOR BRANDS: Research hashtags before including them in your tweets. A 1-2 minute task could prevent a complete PR disaster.

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance