Whitepaper: Turning Social Media Into Sales

Download: Turning Social Media Into Sales. The  Holy Grail in the Social Media Age is how to leverage social to drive leads and sales. As Ellis Booker, the editor of BtoB Magazine and BtoB’s Media Business, said recently: “How to best use- but not abuse- social media for sales conversion is the $64,000 question, and will preoccupy marketers, agencies, and media companies for the foreseeable future.”

This report features real-world examples of companies generating online recommendations, qualified leads, sales, and positive Word of Mouth now from social media by energizing their highly-satisfied customers (AKA “Brand Advocates”) via the award-winning Zuberance Social Recommendations Service

Download this white paper and learn:

  • What role social media plays in influencing business purchase decisions.
  • How to generate qualified leads via Brand Advocates.
  • How B2B and B2C WOM compare.

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