Who Do Consumers Trust?

Nielsen Media Research reports that 90% of consumers surveyed in April 2009 trust recommendations from people they know, while 70% trust consumer opinions online.   Those are some powerful numbers…so how can companies use these numbers to their advantage?  Simple.  Companies need to identify, track and mobilize their Advocates to generate recommendations and drive sales using Word of Mouth. Jonathan Carson, President Online International for Nielsen, says “Consumers’ reliance on Word of Mouth in the decision-making process…has increased significantly.”  While there are overwhelming facts pointing to Word of Mouth and its importance in the marketing mix, many companies have not identified who their Advocates are.  Why pay a salesperson when you can mobilize an Advocate for a fraction of the cost?

Research like Nielsen's is the reason Zuberance is seeing so much success!  As the leading online Word of Mouth marketing company, we educate businesses on the power of Word of Mouth and help them harness it to drive sales.