Word of Mouth in the Wild: DSLRs & Body Shops

In_the_Wild_6aWord of Mouth in the Wild is a weekly feature from Zuberance highlighting consumers looking for recommendations as well as Advocates boasting awesome products and services. This week, two consumers were looking for product and service recommendations that they will end up spending a lot of money on


Nobody wants to make an expensive and long-lasting purchase without recommendations and reviews from their trusted networks first. Up for debate this week was Canon and Nikon, two great brands, but how does one decide? This Facebook user had her networks weigh in and she got a lot of recommendations on battery life, stock lenses, lenses to purchase, warranties and etc...

You may not always know what your Advocates are saying about you, but by identifying them, you can keep interact with and keep them educated, engaged and even give access to sneak peeks. Can you imagine if on of the commenters on the DSLR conversation was an identified Advocate of one Nikon or Canon and was able to say "Hey, wait a couple of weeks because Nikon/Cannon let me know that there will be a new [insert camera or lens name here] coming out and it sounds perfect for your projects."

Body Shop

It's no secret that there are amazing body shops, sketchy ones and great ones that are overpriced. How do you know which one to choose? In consumer's message above, she is not only looking for a good recommendation, but she's serving as a detractor for RK, subtly recommending that no one goes there.

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