Word of Mouth Saves a Family

tdy-090728-cakes-kitchen-845a.bmp,standardWord of Mouth is a powerful thing, especially when it saves your home from foreclosure.  The Today Show aired a moving story this week about a woman who baked her way out of foreclosure…literally. Angela Logan needed $2,500 in 10 days to make her mortgage payment on time and she didn’t have the money.  Together with her sons, she began baking organic cakes that sold for $40 each.  She told her coworkers, church and friends and, before she knew it, the power of Word of Mouth sold 42 cakes and helped to make her mortgage payment almost overnight.

Once the media got word of Angela's efforts, her phone was ringing off the hook.  She had over 500 people that wanted to purchase her cakes and help her family.  Founder of Bake Me a Wish, Josh Kaye, read the story and joined forces with Angela to help her family and many others.  Within a week, Angela's idea became a business and a Word of Mouth phenomenon.

By mobilizing her friends and Advocates, Angela saved her home, her family and is helping many other families in need.  Never underestimate the power of Word of Mouth and what it can do for you, your business and others.