Why Online Product Reviews Don’t Matter

Defining a product review as a successful and final outcome is like finding a buried treasure and leaving it there, under the sand of a desert island. But what lead us to believe this? Well, we analyzed  a few of our customers and uncovered for them the value of getting a review system versus getting the value of an advocate plaftorm. Of course, Advocates will review your product or service. No question about it. But Brand Advocates don't stop there. Advocates drive sales. Advocates drive R&D. Advocates drive market share upward in a big way according to Deloitte.

An Advocate Media program for a brand is not based on reviews but on the relationship that a brand can establish with their Brand Advocates. Moreover, each Advocate that is identified is an asset and it's value must be optimized over time.

What Are Brand Advocates Doing?

  1. Creating reviews for existing products
  2. Discovering prospects via social sharing
  3. Spreading positive word of mouth
  4. Defending brand reputation
  5. Helping prospects understand and buy the brand
  6. Creating content
  7. Organizing events
  8. Increasing the activity in loyalty and referral programs
  9. Mobilizing prospects
  10. Increasing market share

Why is a Brand Advocate Valuable?

  1. Lifetime Advocates rarely stop advocating your brand. They mostly stick with your brand through thick and think. Think Toyota.
  2. Advocates can turn "reviewers" into actual Advocates
  3. Advocates goes beyond a one time review.  Brand Advocates don't provide only "reviews" but are discovering a new and untapped channel that is ripe to be mobilized.

Bottom line, reviews do matter but if you stop there then you are missing the big picture. Reviews are only the tip of the iceberg.