3 BIG Marketing Advantages of having an "Advocate Army"

Brand Advocates are your most loyal, enthusiastic customers. Some of them actually tattoo your logo on their arms.

Yet many companies don’t have a structured program to identify and mobilize their Advocates. Missed opportunity!

Here are three BIG marketing advantages of having an Advocate Army:


1. More UGC

User-generated content — stories, reviews, testimonials, posts, and more — is 2X more trusted than brand-generated content and is proven to have significant influence over purchases.

By mobilizing your Advocates, you can enable a ton of UGC. On average, a brand with with 1,000 Advocates can get over 3,000 unique pieces of UGC in one year.

That’s a powerful content marketing engine!

2. More Reach & Impressions

Awareness still matters. That’s why many brands continue pouring money into advertising and other forms of paid media.

Amplify your Advocates! Make it easy for Advocates to share their content and yours on their social channels; shopping sites and review sites; plus elsewhere online.

On average, each Advocate has 1,045 friends and followers. (The average Twitter user has 707 followers and the average Facebook user has 338 friends. Source: Brandwatch)

(This is a conservative estimate that doesn’t include the number of social contacts Advocates have on other social networks like LinkedIn and Instagram plus the number of people who view Advocate’s five-star reviews on Amazon, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other sites.)

This means you can reach 1,045,000 people via 1,000 Advocates each time they share on their social channels.

This brand got its Advocates to re-tweet a tweet of theirs. Look what happened: a 10X increase in the number re-tweets.


3. More Referrals & Sales

People are about 4X more likely to purchase a product when referred by a friend, according to Nielsen.

And referred-in customers have a 37% higher retention rate than other customers.

Depending on much customers pay for your products or services, and how long they typically stay, referral programs can generate millions in dollars in revenues for your company. (source: Deloitte)

Start mobilizing your Advocates now to get these three big marketing advantages - and more.