How to Build Advocacy for your Brand

Brand advocacy programs focus on getting customer Advocates and others to recommend your brand -- versus a particular product -- to others.

Brand advocacy programs are proven to:

  • Increase positive awareness and brand perceptions
  • Create a "halo effect" around your brand that positively impacts product sales
  • Accelerate growth. A 12% increase in advocacy scores can double a company's revenue growth rate, studies show.

How Brand & Product Advocacy Programs Differ

Product advocacy programs often focus on getting Advocates to post positive product reviews.

Brand advocacy programs, on the other hand, are usually about creating more favorable perceptions of your brand. This is often done by encouraging and enabling Advocates to create stories that reflect favorably on your brand.


GoDaddy Boosts Brand Advocacy

GoDaddy has a very active product advocacy program that gets highly-satisfied customers to recommend GoDaddy products and services like web hosting. 

At the same time, GoDaddy has begun a brand advocacy program aimed at improving its brand reputation.

Thousands of customers Advocates have created and shared stories that reflect positively on GoDaddy.

In a recent program, GoDaddy encouraged and enabled small business owners to share their business success stories. This helps positions GoDaddy as a champion of small businesses.


Intuit Gets in the Game

Like GoDaddy, Intuit's "Small Business, Big Game" also is an effort by Intuit to be perceived as a champion of small businesses.


Tens of thousands of small businesses have shared their stories of what inspired them to start their businesses, reaching millions of potential Intuit customers.

The prize for the winning small business: a Super Bowl ad, courtesy of Intuit.


An effective strategy for boosting brand advocacy is to mobilize Advocates against a common enemy.

For example, has enabled thousands of its Advocates to share their stories and testimonials under the "No Software" banner.

Thinking of starting a brand advocacy program? We'd be glad to share best practices, how-to's, and critical mistakes to avoid.