How Advocates Turbo-Charge the Marketing Funnel

Looking to turbo-charge your marketing funnel?

Unleash your "Advocate Army"!

Advocates can help you turbo-charge every phase of the marketing funnel, from top-of-the-funnel awareness-building to bottom-of-the-funnel conversion and sales.

This diagram shows specific ways Advocates can add value at each step of the funnel:

So at what stage of the funnel do you need most help?

Creating Awareness

Let's say awareness is your key challenge. Advocates can boost awareness by sharing your content like your videos, white papers, case studies, and more with their peer and social networks.

Advocates are your most loyal, enthusiastic customers. They'll gladly re-tweet and re-post your content.

On average, Advocate sharing rates are 2X to 5X higher than other customers.

Boosting Purchase Intent

Is your primary funnel challenge getting prospects to increase their purchase intent?

Energize this part of the funnel by enabling and encouraging Advocates to create and post five-star reviews on shopping sites.

Positive reviews not only increase purchase intent, they also can lead to an immediate purchase. For example, millions of travelers immediately book a hotel room after reading a positive TripAdvisor review.

Increasing Conversion

The "marketing choke point" in your funnel may be getting prospects to purchase your products, download your app, or sign up for a free trial.

Get sales flowing by inviting Advocates to share your offers with their social and peer networks and by referring friends.

Conversion rates for Advocate referrals are up to 50X higher than conversion rates for web leads and other marketing tactics.

Maximize Funnel Impact

Get the most value from Advocate marketing by deploying your Advocate Army at every stage of the marketing funnel.

You can do this by giving Advocates multiple ways to recommend your brand and products, as the chart above shows.