How this Company Got a 400% Increase in Positive Reviews

Online reviews can make or break your company:

  • 92% of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews (source: BrightLocal, 2015)

  • 90% of people say online reviews influence their purchase decisions (source: Dimensional Research, 2013)

  • 88% of people trust online reviews from strangers as much as personal recommendations (source: BrightLocal, 2014)

Negative reviews can kill your sales:

  • 92% of people will hesitate to do business with companies with less than four out of five stars (source: BrightLocal, 2014

Company Gets 400% Increase in Positive Reviews

Zuberance created and powered a program for this company to identify and mobilize their customer Advocates.

A key part of this program is encouraging and enabling customer reviews.

Here are the results after only a few weeks.



  • Customers were not paid to create reviews.

  • The reviews were not edited or altered in any way, nor were the reviews subject to prior approval.

  • Customers were encouraged to post honest reviews based on their actual experience with the product.