How to Get a 10X Increase in Social Media Reach

Most brands struggle to get fans and followers to re-tweet and/or share their social posts.

Social engagement rates are well under 1 percent. This means that more than 99 percent of your fans and followers are not engaging with your social content.

In other words, you’re not getting much reach. (Which is why brands pay for it.)

Solution: Mobilize Your Brand Advocates

One of our clients asked its Advocates to re-tweet a holiday offer.

The brand got an immediate increase in the number of re-tweets, as the chart below shows.


What’s a 10X Increase in Reach Mean?

On average, each Advocate has 1,069 friends and followers. In this case, the brand reached about 10,690 people by getting Advocates to re-tweet the holiday offer.

Imagine if you could get 1,000 Advocates to re-tweet and/or share your tweet or post. You would reach about 1 million people via Advocates.

Two BIG Advantages

First, the people doing the re-tweeting or sharing aren’t you or your marketing department.

It’s your trusted customer Advocates. 92% of people trust customer Advocates over all forms of advertising.

Second, the people they’re sharing your offers or content with are their friends — not cold prospects.

Since “birds of a feather flock together,” it’s likely Advocates’ friends will more likely to act on the offer or content being shared with them.

Mobilize Your Advocates

Your Advocates are a massive, untapped amplifier for your offers and content.

Mobilize them to get a 10X increase in your social reach.