How to Get a 35% Sales Conversion Rate

Does being a marketer ever feel like being the parent of a teenager?

It does to me.

Very little of what we say gets through to teens. And many times teens don't do what we ask them to.

Like folding that pile of clothes on their beds that is now reaching the height of The Matterhorn.


Most consumers and business buyers are like teens.

They tune out our messages and don't do what we want them to, like buying our products or signing up for our webinars.

Is Anyone Listening?

Most people ignore, skip past, or mute ads. No wonder why online conversion rates are less than one percent.

In fact, studies show people are more likely to birth twins than click on a banner ad! 

Advocates Spur Friends to Action

While people may ignore ads, it's dramatically different when Advocates recommend brands and products.

Here are the actions that friends take when Advocates recommend brands and products:

  • 69% go directly to the brand's website to learn more about the recommended brand or product. (This means Advocates are driving large amounts of traffic to your website.)

  • 66% research the brand or product by using other online sources

  • 52% ask their friends about the recommended brand or product

  • 44% follow the brand on social channels

  • 35% buy the recommend brand or product

Mobilize Your Advocates!

The message in this data should be clear:

Given that Advocates have so much clout -- much more than ads, emails, billboards -- you need to activate your Advocates now.

35% Sales Conversion Rate?

Will you get a 35% sales conversion rate by mobilizing Advocates? 

That depends on many factors, like how compelling your products and offers are. But there is no doubt: when Advocates speak, prospects listen and buy.

I wonder if they could get teenagers to pick their clothes up off the bathroom floor?


Here's a press release about the Ogilvy study.