Skimm'bassasadors Spur Growth for theSkimm

Have you heard about theSkimm?

It's a curated daily newsletter that targets female millennials. Founded by two female ex-NBC news producers, theSkimm has rocketed to rapid growth:

  • 3.5 million active subscribers
  • 1 million social followers, 80% of whom are women
  • 40% open rate (more than 2X higher than standard email open rates)
theSkimm makes it easy to be smart.

theSkimm makes it easy to be smart.


Advocate Marketing Fuels theSkimm's Growth

Advocate marketing -- a marketing approach of systematically identifying and mobilizing your highly-satisfied customers and others enthusiastic about your brand or products --  is driving theSkimm's growth.

The centerpiece of theSkimm's Advocate marketing program is theSkimm's Ambassadors ("Skimm'bassadors.")

13,000 Strong

Why limit your Ambassador program to a handful of paid influencers?  theSkimm has created an army of 13,000 Skimm'bassadors, a powerful Word of Mouth marketing force.

In return for promoting the newsletter to friends, Skimm'bassadors get Skimm swag like T-shirts, tote bags, and umbrellas. Skimm'bassadors also are also given early access and exclusive offers to the Skimm's partner brands.

Beyond SKIMM Swag

Skimm'bassadors also get connected to a professional network made up of like-minded enthusiasts.

For an audience of female millennials, this reward can be much more rewarding than brand swag.

Word of Mouth key

Trevor Wade, global marketing director for brand design and consulting firm Landor (theSkimm is a client) told AMA's Marketing News that Word of Mouth being spread by Skimm'bassadors has been key to theSkimm's success:

"We know (word of mouth) is one of the best ways to market a brand...because you have the trusted opinion and recommendation of somebody, and you're much more likely to give something a try or come to it predisposed to like it when you hear it from a friend."

That's a marketing insight not worth skimming over.