What's the Value of UGC?

How do you value UGC created by Advocates like five-star reviews, glowing testimonials, videos, photos, etc.?

Well, one way to answer this question is to ask yourself the following:

How much would you pay a happy customer for a positive review or a glowing testimonial, or video like the one below?

This an actual customer testimonial created by a real Jenny Craig customer.


So, would you pay a happy customer $100 for a testimonial like this? $250? $500 $1,000?

Before you answer this question, keep in mind these facts:

  • Positive UGC is proven to get people to buy your product or service. 93% consumers say UGC is helpful in making a purchase decision.

  • UGC is 2X more trusted than brand-created content.

  • 92% people trust Word of Mouth over any type of marketing

In short, nothing — including ads or paid social influencer posts —  is more trusted and powerful than positive customer testimonials.

PS: Jenny Craig doesn’t pay customers for testimonials. As a way of thanking customers for sharing the love about Jenny Craig, the company provides eGift cards.