Microsoft knows that their customers sell their product better than they do #NYBAS

After a couple of admitted missteps in social media, Microsoft is shifting its strategy to focus on communications with influencers and Advocates, admitted Umang Shah, Social Media Strategist for Microsoft.

With more than 20 million customers in the SMB space, it’s impossible for Microsoft to reach everyone. Just a year ago, they had channels of activity that were all semi-active and not integrated at all. Now they’ve stepped back and built an overarching strategy for their SMB customers and their partners, said Shah.

It’s important that Microsoft be very strategic about going after the right people in their community. So that’s why they asked Zuberance to help them identify their Advocates among their customers and partners. In addition, they’re identifying influencers as well, which are not the same audience as Advocates. Since shifting focus to a more narrow and integrated strategy, Microsoft is seeing a lot more influencers and Advocates participating in their community. That’s critical for their success.

As Shah admits, it’s far better to have an Advocate or influencer say Microsoft has a great product, than if Microsoft says it.

-David Spark, Social Media Journalist, Spark Media Solutions