Advocate Analytics: Measuring The Impact of Brand Advocates and Impact on Sales

Brand Advocates are like gold. Once you've identified them and engaged them properly, then you've found a virtually untapped and self-motivated sales force for your brand. Brand Advocates spread the word about your brand and products via word of mouth online and offline. But what happens after you have managed to engage by producing a win-win relationship between the brand and the Brand Advocate?

The main challenge that brands are facing now is how to measure the impact that Brand Advocates have on the bottom line. There are tools to measure engagement and there are tools to measure reach and now even a new concept introduced by Twitter aptly named resonance.

These kind of metrics are great when you want to measure reach and brand awareness but fall short when it comes to actually maesure direct impact in sales.

The main issue facing brands is how to apply a layer of accountability and reporting to the social sharing  and how to turn that into sales.

Zuberance is tackling this issue head on. We have been using our Social Marketing Platform to identify, measure and track brand advocates. Zuberance identifies, measures and tracks Brand Advocates and we provide insights on how to take advantage of this channel.

The metrics and platform we offer can help you tackle some of your marketing challenges right away. Please take a look below and see if the ways we are helping marketers tackle their social media challenges.

Top 10 Ways Advocates Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Objectives

  1. Monetize Social Media
  2. Create awareness of your brand, category, product, or service
  3. Amplify positive Word of Mouth
  4. Combat negative Word of Mouth
  5. Extend your salesforce at very low cost
  6. Improve search results
  7. Generate qualified sales leads and traffic with relevant clicks and conversions
  8. Answer prospects’ questions
  9. Bring new customers to you
  10. Launch new products