B2B Buyers 2X More Active with Social Technologies than Consumers

You would think by now that B2B marketers get that their customers and prospects are using social technologies. Yet last week a senior marketer from a Fortune 1,000 B2B company said during a conference call with us that the company's small business customers do not use social media. For B2B marketers who missed it, Forrester recently announced a major new study on B2B buyers use of social technologies. The study showed that B2B buyers are two times more active users of social technologies than US online adults. Of the companies who participated in the study, 35% had fewer than 999 employees.

This chart compares social technology usage between B2B buyers and US online adults. The message for B2B marketers, according to Forrester, is that if you're not using social as part of your marketing mix, you're late.

B2B More Socially Active