Is Google Relevant In A Social World?

Is it enough for your brand to be present with a paid link at the point where a customer shows an unmeasured intent of purchase? Is it fair for your brand to pay for a one time action? A single click that evaporates into cyberspace? Google has started fading from the spotlight fast. It is no longer the wonder kid of the internet and for the first time, facebook took over the reins of the most visited site in the world. Who would've thought that normal people sharing every day information can overtake the massive index of websites that Google has been able to collect and serve as search results.

No one can deny that Google continues to be relevant and is one of the most powerful entities fueling the free flow of information across the world. However, Google Adwords, its flagship advertising program is losing its luster in the face of plummeting ROI and conversion rates.

Marketers are looking for options that can allow them to reach consumers, still haunted by the recession and who are watching their disposable income carefully.

But for companies that are driven by a tight bottom line, conversion rates of 5% reflect on the fact that 95% of the time that targeting was wrong.

How can the best search marketing company in the world can get it wrong 95% of the time? Well, it really does not matter, because that 5% conversion rate trumps and outperforms any other marketing channel, except trusted word of mouth.

The problem has not been whether word of mouth is effective but how to escale it and how to accurately track it. Social media is helping but again, social media is a channel and the touch points are dispersed.

How do you scale, measure, identify and track social media actions that can help you sell more?

We will be exploring all these questions and more in future blog posts. Stay tuned! In the mean time take a look at our latest blog post.