Brand Advocates: Do They Influence Sales?

A recent study by eMarketer highlights the importance of brand advocates and their influence online and offline. Over 53% of US online users  have an active role helping a friend or a family member make a decision about a product purchase and over 40% of active US online users share product advice that they've read online.

Reaching your advocates and giving them tools to share their love for your brand and products online becomes ever more important if you want to influence the bottom line by driving sales. There is a great probability that your next sale will be driven and influenced by an advocate of your product or brand. You need to be ready ahead of time and empower your advocates to drive more sales.

Zuberance has done this for several types of customers like large Telcos, beloved consumer brands and internet retailers among others. We know what it takes to mobilize your brand advocates online and we've seen the value of doing it right by driving conversion rates higher than 70% in some cases.