Top 10 Things Advocates will do for Your Brand

Advocates are companies’ most loyal customers. They’re highly engaged consumers who go out of their way to recommend their favorite brands and products on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Amazon, and more plus offline. There are 500 billon peer impressions on the social web today (Forrester), rivaling ad impressions. But how do you leverage that Brand Advocate power at scale?

Here are ten ways brands are leveraging their Advocates now at scale via the Zuberance Advocate Platform.

  1. Rate & review your products
  2. Create testimonials
  3. Share content with their social networks like videos, white papers, how-to guides
  4. Share promotional offers with their social networks, driving qualified leads and sales
  5. Get friends to join loyalty clubs
  6. Recommend your brand, products, or services by clicking on “I Recommend This” badges
  7. Answer prospects’ questions, reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing conversions
  8. Respond to blog postings about your brand, product, or service
  9. Provide feedback about why they recommend your brands, products, or services
  10. Give you valuable ideas on how to improve your products and services

Zuberance is the first company with a technology platform that harnesses the power of Advocates at scale and turns it into leads and sales for brands.