Top 5 Trends in Social Media for 2010

Social media is undergoing a profound change in the way it is perceived in the enterprise. Marketers are trying to grasp its importance and the role it plays not only in outbound marketing but its role as a vital component of the company's DNA. CMO's are struggling to understand and apply social media to influence their bottom line beyond the awareness.

Here are 5 trends that are of paramount importance for marketers and companies in 2010.

Marketers need a clear social media strategy

  • Understanding and engaging customers is the goal. Technology is secondary.
  • Using Forrester’s POST method and Social Technographics segmentation model will help marketers think strategically about social

Maximize social marketing

  • Companies evolve towards finding, engaging, and energizing Advocates, their most valuable customers.
  • Companies start using social technologies effectively to engage current customers and discover new ones.
  • Most companies have a Facebook and Twitter presence.

Social is not a role, it's the business fabric

  • Integrating social with their overall customer relationship and marketing approach is key for a company's success.

Social is media

  • Social is a medium for reaching and engaging just like any other media.

Social ROI becomes measurable

  • ROI becomes clear and compelling.
  • Leveraging social technologies, will allow companies to drive relevant and more qualified traffic than traditional (non-social) marketing methods
  • Our results  in our programs show a conversion rate of  5% to 15%