Twitter to be obsolete… or re-focused?

twitter-deadAn interesting article by Jason Clark at iMedia Connection this week has me thinking (read the full article here). In his article, he is clear that Twitter is about to jump the shark. He cites many reasons for the coming downfall: the past trends (death in some cases) of other online Social Networking solutions—from BBS to Facebook—Twitter's 70% user attrition rate, and Google's recently-announced Wave (which should be launched later this year, check out the demo here). But there's might be a different reason:  Relevance.

It's clear that marketers are trying to ride the Social Web hype as long as possible to do... something—generate "Fans", building awareness, generate interest in products and services... but the ongoing challenges still remain: Who are brands biggest supporters, how are they advocating, and what are the results? These questions are the same, whether referring to a B2C product or B2B solution.

At Zuberance, we've solved these issues for a host of companies (including Symantec, as DestinationCRM pointed out in a great article this morning), but this doesn't solve these issues for Twitter on their own. Social Networks need to get more serious about how they are adding value to their users, beyond repurposing content, gaming, and status updates. Making things relevant to the consumer/market will create more value for both vendor and user... and allow the Social Web to continue its growth.