Peer Influence

Brand Advocates and Peer Influence Analysis: 500 billion peer impressions per year

Forrester has just announced its Peer Influence Analysis. In order to make Forrester's study more tangible for our readers, we've put together a brand advocate influence chart that estimates the reach that one of our customers. Once the customer started using our platform to energize their brand advocate base, the level of peer influence multiplied exponentially driving conversion rates upward. The interesting thing about this projection is that because the content creator is an Advocate (not a marketer), prospects trust this peer recommendation much more than they would if the message came from a brand.

Projected Advocate Influence

This is the first-ever analysis of the scale of peer influence on the social web. Peer influence is what Zuberance enables. It’s a peer (friend or colleague) using social media to tell their friends and colleagues about products and services.

Forrester uses the metric of impressions to measure peer influence. This enables marketers to use a familiar metric to measure the scale of Word of Mouth.  According to Forrester, there are 500 billion peer influence impressions per year in the US, a vast “pool of influence” as Forrester calls it. In other words, the amount of peer influence is massive. And since 90% of prospects trust peer recommendations vs. 14% trust advertising, peer impressions drive sales.