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New Study: Men Seek Online Product Reviews and Tell Friends Their Findings

Men might be hesitant to ask for directions, but they certainly aren’t afraid to seek input online when it comes to making purchase decisions. A new study by Men’s Health magazine and GfK Roper found that men not only compare prices online and read consumer reviews, but they also tell their friends when they learn something positive about a brand or product online. These online shopping activities are significantly higher for product categories like tech, auto, food/cooking, and more (see chart below.)

“Empowered by their research on the internet, men are confident, engaged shoppers who are open to new ideas,” the report said.

What your customers say about you online has a substantial impact on sales.

It’s imperative that brands manage their online reputation by identifying their most enthusiastic customers and energizing them to share their passion on third party review sites, to their personal networks on Facebook and Twitter, and elsewhere on the web. In fact, a recent Convergys study found that a single negative review could cost you 30 customers!

Parallels Advocates Boost Star Ratings

Here's a brand advocacy success story from software company, Parallels. (Listen to Parallels' VP of Marketing discuss the case study here.) In only 4 weeks:

  • Parallels has identified 30,000 Advocates via email and in-product notifications. 66% of their customers highly recommend Parallels products.
  • Parallels has energized Advocates to create and publish reviews on Amazon which boosted ratings from 3.5 to 4.5 stars in two weeks- average of 4.7 star rating.
  • Parallels Advocates shared 4,200 offers with their social networks that yielded a 21% sales conversion rate.

You can read more brand advocacy and online reputation management success stories in the whitepaper, "Turning Your Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force."