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How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment- Your Advocates Have the Answer!

Here’s a scary stat for retail marketers: 7 out of 10 online shopping carts are abandoned before a sale is completed (Source: Forrester). And unfortunately, abandonment rates are rising due to consumers seeking product information (prices, ratings, reviews, etc) from various online sources.

Charles Nicholls, founder and chief strategy officer for SeeWhy says that “...rather than being a rejection of the brand’s value proposition, [abandonment] can be a step in the decision process for some buyers and for the majority of purchases. This is visible in the way that some customers will come back multiple times as they consider the purchase, storing items in their shopping carts as ‘wish lists.’”

A greatly effective way to push the cart to checkout is to leverage the authentic enthusiasm of the customers who love you the most: your Brand Advocates.

Facilitate the Prospect-Advocate conversation: Give prospects the option to ask current customers questions about the product they are considering purchasing.



Here’s how:

  1. Ask your Advocates if they’d be willing to answer questions from people considering buying your products. Those who opt in become your virtual salesforce.
  2. Place a banner on various pages of your website (product page, checkout page, review page, etc.) that gives prospects the option to “Ask Real Brand X Customers” about your products.
  3. Facilitate the conversation between Advocates and prospects. Through our Advocate Answers app, prospects can ask a question and Advocate responses are sent directly to them via email.
  4. Place a call-to-action banner in the email or the webpage where prospects read answers (such as a special offer) to increase conversion rates.

Our customers have seen 13%-33% conversion to sale rates by connecting their prospects and Advocates. Watch the VP of Marketing for Ooma, a VoIP provider, discuss the benefits of energizing their Brand Advocates (including leveraging Advocate Answers) here.

Why it works:

  • Brand Advocates are your biggest fans. They are more than willing to share their enthusiasm and expertise about your products.
  • Brand Advocates, by nature, love creating content. In fact, they are 50% more likely to create content that influences a purchase.
  • Brand Advocates are more trusted and powerful than brands. A recent Nielsen study on consumer trust found that consumers trust their peers above all other forms of advertising.

To learn more, download the whitepaper, "The ROI of Energizing Brand Advocates."

How a Vacation Rental Site Increased Conversion Rates By 13%

In 2008 I had a job opportunity to move to France for work. It became clear that the most important task I had to do before saying, "Oui, Oui" was to find someone to rent our house. A friend suggested that we look to major rental property websites to help us along the way.  To be clear, I didn't want to ask the company for advice and insight - I wanted to ask real people who had direct experience listing a property of their own; and I wasn't alone. Others like me wanted to know, "How do I best present my place for rent?" "How do you screen a prospective tenant?" "What has been your biggest lesson in listing a property?"

In a sense, we want to be TOLD, not SOLD.

One vacation rental site is doing just this using the Zuberance Advocate Platform. The company has turned to their Brand Advocates, letting them answer prospects' questions. Advocates go out of their way to recommend brands/products to their social network, so of course they're willing to answer questions about a company with which they are highly satisfied. And guess how much the vacation rental site has had to pay them? NOTHING.

The results?

  • 44% of the company's Advocates have opted in to the Answers program
  • 51% of the Advocates that opted in are actively answering questions
  • For every question asked, about 14 answers are given
  • The company has increased conversion rates by 13%

And in the end, everyone is happy. Prospects get their questions answered by real customers who have experience with the vacation rental site. Advocates are able to offer their expertise and help others in making an informed decision. The company increases conversion rates by 13%.

Now that, I can really get behind.