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How to Leverage Advocate-Generated Content

Researching and consuming content about a product  has become a growing part of consumers’ pre-purchase search ritual. Over the past few years, consumers have increased the number of reviews they read and the overall time they spend reading them. (The Role of Customer Product Reviews, eMarketer.)


Lending voice to your Advocates through content generation has and should always become an important part of a brand’s overall goals. Positive customer voice and quotes lends credibility and increases brand equity in the consumer’s mind while they embark on their purchase decision journeys.

Here are some ways for brands to leverage positive Advocate content (i.e reviews, testimonials, video):

  • Use it in marketing copy, integrate it in your social pages and incorporate it into search campaigns raises conversion rates.
  • Employ it to improve product design – increase customer loyalty and lower product returns by instituting an effective Advocate feedback system. Loyalty increases, too: 7% higher likelihood to purchase online, 8% greater likelihood to purchase from the retailer next time they're buying similar merchandise and 11% greater likelihood to recommend the site to others. (30 UK Online Retail Satisfaction Index, ForeSee Results, January 2008)
  • Improve ratings on retail third party sites.
  • Add it to your product pages and increase likelihood of purchase. Satisfaction for those who recalled customer generated content on the retailers' site is 10% higher than those who said there was no content offered.
  • Defend/combat negative Word of Mouth. Online UK retailers reported improved customer retention and loyalty by 73% once they implemented consumer-generated rating and reviews. (eMarketer, 2007)

How are you leveraging your Advocate content?

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