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Zuberance Powers 30 Million Brand Advocate Recommendations & Prospect Responses

We've hit a major milestone! Today we announced that we've now powered a total of 30 million Brand Advocate recommendations and prospect responses by Advocates' friends and colleagues, driving billions of dollars in measurable sales and media value for brands.


Advocate Recommendations

Via the award-winning Zuberance Advocacy Platform, Brand Advocates have created hundreds of thousands of:

  • Positive reviews on shopping sites, review sites
  • Facebook posts, Tweets about their favorite brands and products
  • Favorable testimonials
  • Answers to prospects’ questions

In addition, Advocates have shared hundreds of thousands of promotional offers and brand content with their social networks, reaching millions of prospects with trusted, relevant recommendations.

Prospect Responses

Recommendations by Zuberance-powered Advocates have generated millions of responses from prospects. A response from a prospect includes any of the following actions by someone in the Advocate’s network such as:

  • Clicks-through to read Advocates’ reviews or testimonials
  • Downloads a white paper, registers for a webinar, or joins a customer or loyalty club
  • Redeems a promotional offers like a 14-day pass to a fitness club
  • Purchases the recommended product or service

Zuberance’s powerful analytics tracks Advocates recommendations and prospect responses (plus sales and media value delivered to brands) via promotion codes, impression tags, and other metrics.

Tapping into Advocates’ Social Graph

“Zuberance is tapping into the social graph of brand’s Advocates to deliver recommendations, referrals, and revenues for brands,” said Rob Fuggetta, founder and CEO of Zuberance. “By doing this, Zuberance is enabling companies to get measurable value from social media. We’re turning likes into leads and social media into sales,” said Fuggetta.

Thank you to all of our customers, board members, advisers, and of course Brand Advocates for sharing your enthusiasm for companies that rock!

Read the full press release here.