Google+: A Platform, Not The Message

Google+ is here -- what do you need to change about your brand message to leverage this new tool? Nothing!

Now more than ever, your brand message needs to remain strong and consistent, and your focus needs to stay on building relationships.   Don’t let new tools (like Google+) distract you from your brand message!  As I continue to say, successful social media marketing is all about relationships, and the tools simply facilitate those relationships. Without the people and connections, the tools are meaningless.

I am not, however, suggesting that you ignore Google+, because it does have the potential to be a powerful social media marketing tool.  Make sure someone on your marketing team learns the intricacies of Google+ ... and by all means integrate this new platform into your social media marketing strategy in whatever way serves your brand message and your company goals.  There is an amazing opportunity for brands to build interactive two way engagement, interaction, and sharing within this platform, but consumers will have to adopt it to make worthwhile and only time will answer that question.

My main point here is a caution not to let the Google+ fervor take your focus away from your current consumer relationships.  You still need to offer your consumers consistent value through your products, services, and content, and you still need to engage with them through their current platforms, even as you may be looking to expand to Google+.

Your consumer/brand relationships are the fuel that make each platform work, so don’t neglect them when a new promising platform shows up.  You can actually turn this into a two-way beneficial conversation by asking your consumers what they think about the new platform, and asking them for ideas about how your brand could effectively use the new platform in a way that works for them.   This is a perfect chance to tap into consumer insights and show them you value their opinions.

Bottom line: new and old platforms will come and go... it is your message and strategy that count, so make sure they are clear, strong and consistent!

-Ted Rubin, Social Strategist

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March 1, 2011- Palo Alto, CA

The Liquid Brand Summit is an exclusive one day event where the most influential thinkers and decision makers in the technology market gather to discuss relevant and timely topics about branding and marketing with the objective of arriving at the best practices of tomorrow.

The theme for 2011 is "Transformation"

We live in an age that is defined by economic upheaval, mergers and acquisitions, technology convergence, complex competition strategies, social media transparency, channel fragmentation, and audience diversification. It is a time of radical change.

These are challenging conditions for brands and for brand marketers. In order to stay relevant and be competitive, brands need to transform themselves and their relationships with a wide variety of audiences.

The Brand Summit is the place where senior marketing executives come to discuss how brands can address these very real business challenges-with the goal of arriving at the strategies and tactics necessary to create differentiation, preference and loyalty.

Zuberance is thrilled to be a part of the Summit! We are the technology sponsor and our Founder/CEO, Rob Fuggetta, is a featured speaker. He will be speaking on the topic, "Transforming Brand Advocates into a Powerful Marketing Force."

Session Leaders include:

  • Marty Neumeier, Author and Director of Transformation, Liquid Agency
  • Eric Ryan - Method, Co Founder
  • Tyson Andrus - Skullcandy, Senior Marketing
  • David Sanchez - Jawbone, Director of Strategic Marketing
  • James Buckhouse - Twitter, Director of Marketing
  • Scott Kabat - Cisco, Director of Marketing - Cisco Consumer Products
  • Page Murray - HP, Director of WW Integrated Marketing
  • Caralene Robinson - Boost Mobile, Director of Marketing
  • Chuck Eichten - NIKE, Director of Brand Communications
  • Rosabel Tao - MYSpace, Senior Vice President Communications
  • Robert Richman - Zappos "Insights", Senior Marketing

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