Enhancing Brand Advocacy is Top Marketing Priority for CMO's

A recent study from IBM surveyed 1,700 CMOs on their top marketing priorities for the next three to five years. As you can see in the chart below, marketers plan to most drastically increase their technology investment in social media, customer analytics, and CRM.

Investing more in social, analytics, and CRM means that marketers will gain more customer data and insights, highlighting a larger strategic desire to improve customer loyalty and advocacy. In fact, 67% of CMOs said that enhancing customer loyalty/advocacy was their top priority in managing the shift toward digital technologies.

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Highlights from the eBook, "New Trends in CRM"

Last week The Customer Collective released an ebook on “New Trends in CRM” that offers a variety of perspectives from thought leaders to help you think about leveraging CRM and related tools to achieve concrete results. Download "New Trends in CRM."

Below are a few of the highlights.

Charles Green (Founder and CEO, Trusted Advisor Associates) wrote a chapter on “How Social Media are Ruining Your Lead Qualification Strategy” and states that traditional lead qualification assumes there is an infinite number of leads that are independent of each other. In the age of social media, the fact is, your customers and prospects talk to each other; and the more they talk, the more they build impressions. Brands need to help their leads, offer them value, and create future demand. Don’t treat them as unconnected, blank faces.

Cheryl Hanna (Blogger, Service Untitled) contributed a chapter called “Use Social CRM to Improve Communications” that explained how to leverage Twitter and Social CRM in general. Besides listening, engagement, and damage control, leverage Twitter for market tracking- companies can track end users and consumers who are recommending products but aren’t necessarily customers (i.e. didn’t personally purchase the product) and leverage social media to convert them to customers.

The chapter contributed by JD Lasica (CEO,, Four Experts on How to Turn Social Media into Sales,” covered the panel discussion from our San Francisco social media event in October, which was part of the Brand Advocacy Series. Some key takeaways:

  • Becky Brown (Director of Social Media Strategy, Intel)- Find people who are not your Advocates, but your negative Advocates and take the issues on yourself instead of outsourcing social media or leaving it up to a college grad. These are real customers talking about your brand, so engage with them directly.
  • Tony Lee (VP of Marketing, TiVo)- If you’re not failing quickly when experimenting with marketing initiatives, you’re not doing an interesting enough experiment.
  • Rob Fuggetta (Founder and CEO, Zuberance)- The ROI of Word of Mouth marketing campaigns? “Put $1 in and get $10 back.” This is earned media, not paid media where fabrication and marketing speak hold sway.
  • Michael Brito (VP of Social Media, Edelman Digital)- Advocates and influencers are distinct segments. Advocates are talking about your brand whether you ignore them or not; influencers often require incentives. If you look at your Advocates across the web, their reach is much greater than being featured on the front page of TechCrunch.

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