energize how to turn fans followers into social media marketing machines

Energize! New Book Coming Soon from Zuberance Founder #Energize

My biggest inspiration at Zuberance has always been our customers like Intuit, Rubio’s, and CDW and their fanatical Brand Advocates. Now, I’m putting their stories in a book, entitled Energize! How to Turn Fans, Followers, and Enthusiastic Customers into Social Media Marketing Machines.”

In the coming weeks, you’ll get sneak previews of the book here on the ZuberRants blog.


There are lots of books about social media.

(My friend Michael Brito has a new book called “Smart Business, Social Business.” I highly recommend it.)

But until now, there hasn’t been a book on how to turn Advocates into a marketing force.

Energize! fills that gap.


Energize! isn’t a social media marketing book, per se.

It’s about passionate Brand Advocates like George Hamma, an avid BMW Mini Advocate whose enthusiastic recommendations have inspired five friends to buy their own Mini’s, worth about $200,000 to BMW; Melody Overton (AKA “Starbucks Melody”), a Seattle attorney who is a walking Starbucks encyclopedia and who knows more about Starbucks than its baristas; and Justin Dorfman, a CDW Champion, whose enthusiastic recommendations have driven several hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for the online IT retailer. (Read: Extreme Brand Advocate Stories.)

And it’s about innovative marketers and visionary business leaders that are transforming their companies and delivering ground-breaking marketing results by activating their Brand Armies. People like Lauren McCadney, who is championing advocacy at CDW; Porter Gale, a social media rock-star and former CMO at Virgin America; and Eric Ryan, the CEO of Method Products, whose avid customers (“People Against Dirty”) have turned household cleaners into a social movement.


Today, as the power has shifted from marketers to social-media powered consumers, getting more “social recommendations” (recommendations on the social web) has become the Holy Grail. Seventy-one percent of marketers say advocacy is now a top priority.

Energize! will show you how.

You’ll learn how to energize your Brand Army by getting them to recommend your brand and products via reviews, stories, answers to prospects’ questions, sharing promotional offers and content, and more.

Energize! will feature more than 100 real-world case studies, profiles of Brand Advocates and marketers, plus tips and tricks on how to build and activate your Brand Army.

I hope you have as much fun reading Energize! as I’m having writing it.

Stay tuned.

-Rob Fuggetta, Founder/CEO, Zuberance