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Join Zuberance at the Inbound Marketing Summit in SF June 12-13

Inbound Marketing Summit

Location: Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

Date: June 12-13

Hosted by: The Pulse Network

The Inbound Marketing Summit is a must-attend conference for digital, social and mobile marketers. With a unique mix of inspirational speakers including Kare Anderson, Rick Bakas, Chris Brogan, Laura Fitton, and Tim Hayden, industry watchers and experts like Allen Bonde, Jim Ewel, Esteban Kolsky, Scott Liewehr, Sameer Patel, and Paul Taylor, cutting edge content and real-world case studies, IMS is where innovative marketing professionals meet up, participate in sessions and network with their peers.

Zuberance is one of the sponsors of the conference and our Founder/CEO, Rob Fuggetta, will be hosting a book signing for his new book, "Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force." He will also be speaking on the panel, "Fan Marketing Tools for Facebook and Beyond," with the CEO's of Argyle Social and Twylah.

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We hope you'll join us!

Traditional Marketing is So 90's. Modern Marketing is All About Recommendations

Hubspot recently published a killer infographic on “How Word of Mouth, Customer Reviews are Changing the Marketing World.” The infographic highlights the growing distrust of traditional advertising as consumers are turning to their friends, ratings, and reviews to gain insight on purchase decisions. Take a look at some of the key stats below.

Outbound is Out

  • Only 8% of consumers prefer online ads as the best source of product information.
  • 65% mute the TV, change the channel or skip ads.
  • 75% of people don’t accept advertisements as the truth.

Inbound is In

  • 63% of social media users feel consumer ratings are #1.
  • 90% of consumers discuss specific bands casually 90 times per week.
  • 90% of people trust brand recommendations from friends.
  • 70% trust consumer opinions.
  • Products that have received 50+ reviews create greater returns (which is 65% higher than products that have less than 5 reviews.)
  • 61% of consumers use search engines to read about products before a purchase.
  • 71% are more likely to purchase when referred by social media.

Success Story Stats

  • American Eagle added the “Like” button to every product on their site, and Facebook shoppers spent 57% more money.
  • Every Eventbrite link shared on Facebook generates $2.52 in ticket sales.
  • Each Ticketmaster event post by customers on Facebook results in $5.30 in direct ticket sales.
  • When Levi’s added the “Like” button, they saw a 40X increase in referral traffic.


Traditional marketing is so 90's. Modern marketing is all about recommendations.

Read how companies in various industries are energizing their Brand Advocates to create online recommendations by downloading, "Turning Your Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force."

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance