9/18 Social Media Today Webinar: How to Measure Online Influence that Makes a Difference

Webinar: What Does an Influencer Really Look Like? How to Measure Online Influence that Makes a Difference

Date: Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012

Time: 9AM PST/12PM EST

Hosted by: Social Media Today & Wildfire


The nature of social media is that it's driven by the behavior of consumers, whose decisions are in turn influenced by other people online. There's never been much question that some web users have a stronger or broader influence on people's decisions than others - the challenge for marketers has been to identify these web influencers, and in some cases attempt to influence them in a positive direction as it concerns their business. But how to measure influence, which only works if consumers allow themselves to be swayed?

Measurement tools have come into being to assign rankings to the influence of an individual, and most social platforms display metrics that purport to describe reach - but does a number of friends or followers aptly illustrate trust, admiration, respect, shared values and the other factors that really make up influence? A large follower number or high influencer score may not indicate meaningful influence over decisions in people's personal or business lives. Or do they?

Join us to discuss the true meaning of web influence and how to measure it:

  • What do social technology platforms really measure?
  • Can one be influential without trying to be?
  • Is there a direct correlation between influence and marketing success?
  • How do consumers and marketers decide that someone is influential?

Expert Speakers: