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Marketers, take a brief survey for an iTunes gift card! #PaidvEarned

We’d like to learn more about your experiences with Paid and Earned Media. Take the survey now for a chance to win an iTunes gift card! Marketers who fail to drive and leverage earned media may be risking the opportunity to increase brand awareness and reputation. Some new media evangelists, however, will tell you that social media will replace traditional advertising entirely. But the truth is – success for today’s marketers is learning how to leverage both.

We are conducting a brief survey to identify the questions, concerns and strategies marketers are experiencing with balancing Paid and Earned Media. The findings will be shared on our April 19 webinar, "Balancing Paid vs Earned Media" featuring Forrester's Sean Corcoran and Edelman Digital's David Armano. Learn more about the webinar here.

400 respondents will receive a $5 iTunes gift card! Take survey now!

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance